A few days ago I listened to an interview with Sally Anderson, the author of Free Falling. The quote that stood out for me was, “Results are a function of your commitment. Most people are unaware that where they are is exactly where they want to be.” This reminded me of the Tony Robbins quote, “Try is the battle cry of wimps,” and as I reflected on that and looked back at times in my life when I was able to make major sustainable changes, I realized that it was always because my commitment for the change was unwavering.

If where we are is exactly where we want to be, there must be a payoff for staying where we are, and in order to get ourselves to make the changes we consciously want to make but unconsciously sabotage, we have to become aware of what the cost and the payoff is for not making the changes.

Ask yourself:

  • Why don’t you want to win?
  • What is the payoff for acting confused, fearful or incapable?
  • What is the price you are actually paying for not making the change?
  • Why are you loving exactly where you are more than wanting the change?

We may not have power over our circumstances, but we have power over what we say yes and no to. Our power extends to the edges of our fingertips and that includes how we use our language, what we focus on and what choices we make every single day.

If you are wondering what you are committed to, look at your life, your health, your financial situation and your relationships, and you will get all the evidence you need. And when you get clear on your commitments, instead of saying, “I will try,” this month I encourage you to say, “I will find a way,” and notice how this shift in language changes your state. Remember a time when you kicked ass, overcame challenges and experienced a major breakthrough. How committed were you then? How different would your life be if you were able to stay in that elevated state for longer and longer?

Remember that today is the youngest you will ever be. Use what energy, resources, vitality and power you have to commit to what you really want. Answer the questions above for yourself. Really dig into the truth and it will set you free and leave you with enough energy to be who you really want to be! Be free. Be you.





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