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9:30 am (1 hour )
danceSati - Inspiring Dance Cardio
Gibney Dance - 890 Broadway

10:30 am (1 hour )
intenSati - Exercise Your Power
Gibney Dance - 890 Broadway


The Sati workouts are practices that help you build endurance and strength, and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Sati will lead you to exercise your power, train you to develop the skill of being the master of your mouth, and guide you to open your heart to truly have an experience of what you are capable of. Align mind, body and soul to become who you are meant to be.

Move with confidence, punch like a champion and verbalize your success in intenSati. Express yourself by embodying lyrics of empowering songs in danceSati. Flow through a practice of self-development in yogaSati. And strengthen the core of your being with coreSati.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: We are excited to announce that we joined the Mind Body Online family and made sign-up for classes incredibly easy! By following only a couple of very easy steps to set up your account, you will be able to book your classes, review payments, and monitor your Sati Life experience at all times. Please note that starting now we are no longer accepting payments at the door unless made through your Mind Body Online profile. Fill out your Mind Body Profile now and come sweat with us tomorrow!




Gibney Dance

890 Broadway
5th floor, studio 5-2




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