Our body is what allows us to experience life fully and we believe a strong, healthy and flexible body is essential to being a powerful force for positive change in the world.  All of our programs are developed to train your body, mind and spirit all at once and help you feel great, inside and out.


intenSati is a revolutionary high-energy cardiovascular workout created by Patricia Moreno. This method of training is based on the teachings of mindfulness, positive psychology and the law of attraction. The result is an unprecedented practice which is empowering physically and mentally.  > More


warriorSati cultivates inner power and outer strength through a series of fluid movements. This workout will help to ignite your metabolism, shape your body and improve your state of mind. Advanced users may use 1 lb weighted gloves. > More


danceSati is the perfect workout for anyone looking to feel great, look their best and relieve stress. You will forget you are getting an amazing workout as you learn easy to follow choreography, set to uplifting music. > More


coreSati is a 30 minute fat burning hard-core interval training workout. A strong core is the key to top performance in any workout and is used all our daily activities such as walking, climbing stairs, lifting groceries etc. A variety of unique and innovative exercises are combined to create a perfect class for all levels of athletic ability. > More


A graceful and powerful sequence of yoga asanas done to the sound of love enhancing affirmations.  Feed your spiritual junkie appetite while burning mega calories at the same time. > More



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