Spiritual Badass Retreat

Join me for a week in Tulum, Mexico


Sunday, March 12th - Saturday, March 18th, 2017

A spiritual badass is devoted to becoming a conscious co-creator of their life by aligning with the power of love and being a force for good. How do we do that? By practicing. And when a group gathers together with a combined intention to grow, develop and become happier, healthier and more conscious, we become stronger together.  

ACTION is the theme of this year's retreat
We all have enough information to live a happy, healthy, wealthy and fulfilled life. What most of us need, is to take conscious intentional action so that we can develop the mental, physical and emotional muscle we need to make sustainable change in our lives.

To respond to this need, this year I will be introducing THE PRACTICE, a set of tools that will help you develop emotional intelligence, the ability to make good decisions, responding to life instead of reacting to it, and consciously choosing thoughts, words, actions, feelings and behaviors.

THE PRACTICE combines spiritual, physical and mental exercises to help you

  1. Develop a vision for yourself that allows you to exercise power over force
  2. Develop integrity, the ability to use your words consciously and with respect
  3. Develop the self-regulation muscle, which is the key to manage stressful situations
  4. Develop physical stamina, strength and flexibility so you can embody your true power
  5. Develop a sense of inner peace by understanding spiritual laws and principles
  6. Develop appreciation and gratitude for yourself, your life and others.

In this retreat we will go through every aspect of The Practice and you will experience first-hand its power and impact.


A transformational week - and beyond: March 12th-18th, 2017

The amazing Amansala Resort will be hosting us for the second year in a row. This eco-chic resort in the heart of the hip town of Tulum is located directly at the beach and offers beautiful views, amazingly healthy food, and activities of all kinds. This past year has already been a great experience, and next year will be even more inspirational.

The difference between this and other retreats? Your journey will not end in Mexico. You will live with the knowledge on how to truly make changes in your life and the implementation of a practice that will keep you engaged even when the sounds of the ocean, the smells of the beach and the tastes of guacamole will be gone.

Sample Schedule

6:30 Morning meditation
8:00 Breakfast
9:30-12:30 Workout & workshop
12:30 Lunch
1:30-4:00 Free time
4:00-6:30 Workout & workshop
7:00-8:30 Dinner

Workouts include: intenSati, yogaSati, coreSati, danceSati.

Join our amazing community in 2017 for a week that will transform you from the inside out - on the long run.



Amansala has different room options available, all of which are incredibly stunning, and that you can find on their website.


2017 rates per person include:

  • Room rates (incl. tip and tax)
  • Three meals a day (one breakfast on arrival day, one dinner mid-week,
    and the dinner on the day of departure are NOT included
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
  • All Sati-related activities


Rates DO NOT include airfare. Transportation from Cancun airport to the hotel can be organized by us for a small additional fee.

Private rooms 
Deluxe King $3,504.30 p.p
Semi Seaview King $3,368.70 p.p.
Non-Beachfront $2,961.90 p.p.
Eco-Queen $2,826.30 p.p.
Double rooms
Deluxe King $2,928.00 p.p.
Semi Seaview King $2,792.40 p.p.
Beachview $2,826.30 p.p.
Non-Beachfront $2,589.00 p.p.
Triple rooms
Garden view $2,724.60


Cancelation policy: 

Full refund if canceled by February 12th.

Two nights will be charged if canceled by April 26th.

No refunds if canceled after April 2nd.



Please e-mail us to book your room!


Payment methods:


PayPal through our store (additional 3% handling fee).

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