Do you want to consciously create your reality?
Do you want to inspire people to improve their lives?
Do you want to make an impact in the world?



April 7th - 9th in New York City

The training will be taking place in Midtown and the schedule is as follows: 

Friday, April 7th: 5-10pm 

Saturday, April 8th: 8am-6pm

Sunday, April 9th: 8am-6pm



intenSati is the practice of uplifting ourselves and taking action – and by becoming an intenSati leader you will teach others to uplift themselves.

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Develop your best self

To teach anything, we need to be able to embody it ourselves first. intenSati Leader Training marries personal development and leadership skills so you can create positive lasting change.

“If you can muster the courage to declare your strength and push past your boundaries in an exercise class - you can do it beyond the gym.”

- Ph.D. Natalia Petrzela, Professor at The New School

In order to create our new reality, we have to think from, not about the person we want to be. Affirmations alone aren’t enough. Exercise alone isn’t enough. Meditation alone isn’t enough. By fusing these elements into a practice, we can rehearse our future self as a present moment reality. And we experience the thrill of conscious co-creating at its best.

The intenSati Method is that practice.


“The long-term impact of my IntenSati leader training went beyond my wildest expectations.”

- Dr. Wendy Suzuki, Professor for Neuroscience at New York University

Become a leader. Bring intenSati to your community and have a huge impact in people’s perception of reality.

“I’ve incorporated the authenticity learned during intenSati Leadership Training into my public speaking, my writing, and every area of my life.”

- Kate Northrup, Author
What’s new

The intenSati Leader training program is a combination of personal development, leadership skills and teaching skills. Our mission is to develop a team of leaders who are committed to making a positive impact in the world. That is why every year we ask ourselves “how can we develop more confident intenSati leaders?”

This year we have made changes to the program that make it easier than ever before to get started.

To become a certified intenSati Leader you must complete:

  • Basic Training: a weekend immersion
  • The Practice: a 4-week online course
  • Enroll in leadSati a monthly membership subscription
  • Get verified to officially become part of the intenSati Leader team and get endorsed

Sign up for the whole training now and benefit from a package deal, or join me in NYC only for the weekend training.



A weekend intensive where you learn the basics of leading an intenSati workout

  • Cueing
  • Musicality
  • Presentation
  • Class outline
  • intenSati fundamentals
  • How to build rapport with students
  • How to inspire and uplift others
  • Your first intenSati series
  • A plan of action for your continued success
  • Marketing materials

After this weekend you will be encouraged to start teaching practice classes immediately to develop your skills and start your journey of inspiring positive change in yourself and your community.

“I went through leader training with Patricia very early on in my fitness career, and I didn't know it at the time, but it laid the foundation for everything I teach now.”

- Erika Shannon, SoulCycle instructor and Daily Burn trainer

Once you sign up you will receive preparation materials so that you can show up prepared and confident.

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We have found that the most successful leaders are those that focus on developing themselves. Patricia has developed THE PRACTICE for anyone who is ready to become the master of their state and the master of their fate. This is the program where you learn to start each day in empowered and aligned by practicing.

  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Affirmations
  • Journaling
  • Visualization
  • Profound appreciation

“For me training was more about evolution.”

- Betsy Cast, Fitness Expert

This 4-week online course is for anyone really wants to get unstuck and move to their next greatest yet to be. These are the spiritual practices that help you focus your attention, become more mindful and less reactive, and live from a state of power instead of force .

Patricia has created a guided practice to help you  exercise your power to participate consciously in the creating of each day. B y doing this practice you become a conscious co-creator of your reality. This is the part of the training that will help you build your confidence to help others because you will be achieving the results in your personal life.


Enroll in leadSati
  • Live webinars lead by Patricia and industry experts
  • Live recorded classes to help continue to learn how to motivate, inspire and lead with confidence
  • A new intenSati series, breakdown and notes to help you prepare and deliver an inspiring class
  • Resources, books, blogs, Ted Talks or podcasts that will help you continue to learn and grow
  • Listings on our website, so everybody who is looking for intenSati classes will find you.
  • Promotional on-brand materials to promote your classes.
  • To keep your certification live and offers you the ability to post your classes on the website
  • Music suggestions
  • Access to purchase continuing education courses on topics such musicality, cueing, punching, intros, specialized series for teaching to kids, mother daughter and teens, meditation, breath work etc.

Transform yourself and have an impact in the world. It’s your time to shine.
Join the full training right away or sign up for the weekend training in November. It’s your choice how you start. You have the chance to start now.

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Thank you for stepping up, listening to the calling to be a leader and letting your life be your message. Love is what heals and reveals our true nature. You are what the world needs.


Please email us for any questions you might have, or to schedule an informational call.




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Natalia_Petrzela_2 NATALIA PETRZELA, PH.D.
Assistant Professor of History at the New School, Author of Classroom Wars
The usual high praise reserved for exceptional fitness programs - I lost 10 pounds! My butt looks great! It's actually fun! - absolutely applies to intenSati. However, these testaments to its physical effectiveness are just the beginning. This program enables one to begin to effect change WHILE participating in the program. An intenSati class, to me, is a template for one's experience of the world at large: if you can muster the courage to declare your strength and push past your boundaries in an exercise class - and feel great doing it - a natural extension is to test out these new actions and skills in realms far beyond the gym.
wendy_suzuki_2 WENDY SUZUKI
Professor of Neural Science and Psychology at New York University, Author of Healthy Brain, Happy Life
The long-term impact of my intenSati teacher training went beyond my wildest expectations. The deeper skills I acquired during the training, such as the role of my intentions in my teachings, have made a mark in every other classroom I have taught in since my teacher training experience. Because I am a university Professor, that adds up to literally hundreds of students impacted!
Kate_Northtrup_2 KATE NORTHRUP
Author of Money: A Love Story
I’ve incorporated the ability to walk into a room full of people I don’t know and share something true and authentic going on in my life into my public speaking, my writing, and every area of my life.
erika_ahannon ERIKA SHANNON
Professional dancer, SoulCycle instructor
Leader Training laid the foundation for everything I teach now. Teaching intenSati has given me so many gifts - I learned how to stand in integrity and represent true leadership. I became comfortable sharing my vulnerability with my classes, and it helped me build true relationships, in AND out of the studio. Leader training is HARD. You will be challenged, you will experience resistance. But you will change the way you lead, forever.
karen_dobkins KAREN DOBKINS
Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience
I was immediately drawn to intenSati because it incorporates my two passions: Exercise and the Brain. I teach students about the effects of positive attitude on health and well-being, and there is also evidence that adrenaline — in healthy doses, for example, during exercise — enhances memory and cognitive function. So what better way to solidify positive messages in our psyche than to yell them while adrenaline is pumping through the body? I left feeling empowered, able and ready to spread the word.
betsy_cast BETSY CAST
Fitness Expert, Personal Trainer
Having been trained to lead a workout already, this training was more about how to communicate with my students and how to get deeper with them mentally and not just on a physical level. The main focus of the training is on how we as teachers and leaders can inspire and involve our students in really feeling, and experiencing all life has to offer. If we are doing the work ourselves, we can learn to guide others as well. For me training was more about the evolution as an instructor and as a trainer.
Neelam_Gaur_2 NEELAM GAUR
Health and Wellness Coach, Head of HR and Accounting at Compunnel Software Group
I was inspired to do the leadership training because of the changes I experienced within myself. I wanted to inspire and take that positive message to individuals that were committed to living a more aware and conscious lifestyle.The intenSati Leader Training was definitely an eye-opener. It completely expanded my level of thinking.
Joanan_Loewi_250 JOANNA LOEWI
Life-Coach for Gabrielle Bernstein, Mentor, Teacher
The training was an awesome experience in pushing myself to the limit and proving that I could do it. I often incorporate many of the philosophies and tools she teaches into my sessions with clients. Sometimes I use intenSati affirmations in my private tutoring sessions to help encourage my students and build their confidence.
keri_nadler2 KERI NADLER
Creative Arts Therapist, Group Psychotherapist
Currently a group therapist on an in-patient psychiatric unit, this was the first training I ever had about what it means to be a leader (well before attending grad school). The training gave me a deeper understanding of myself and taught me to have a greater awareness of others. It helped with public speaking - not only how to speak articulately and concisely, but how to have the courage and vulnerability to expose yourself and therefore model yourself to your students.




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