If you can’t conceive it you can’t receive it!

If you want to lose weight, feel better about yourself and truly love your body then I suggest you join my Love your body course (link) which begins July 11th. This course will be a combination of nutritional, physical, mental and spiritual counseling.

You may have tried different diets or exercise plans but unless you have upgraded your mental and spiritual practices so that you can conceive of being happier, leaner and happier, it won’t last. There is a mental and spiritual component that I believe is essential to lasting change. The Love your body course combines it all.

I created "Love Your Body" course because I know how challenging it is to make lasting positive change. I also know that when we make feeling good and treating our body with love and respect our #1 priority it positively influences our whole life as well as the life of our loved ones, friends and co-workers.

The Love Your body course includes:

  • A weekly group call led by Patricia Moreno Thursday nights 9pmET
  • Shakeology shakes (link)
  • Recorded morning guided meditation and spiritual teachings
  • Recorded evening affirmative prayer and spiritual teachings
  • Weekly nutritional education
  • Guidelines upgrading nutritional habits
  • Downloadable intenSati workout

It’s time to prove your love! Will you join me?



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