HealthClass2.0 is a path-breaking public-school program empowering children and their communities to engage in new conversations and action about health, food and exercise, and to bring about transformation in their own lives and the world around them. The program brings wellness education to the center of the curriculum, empowering young people at the college level and in grades 6-12 to live healthier, more productive lives.

harlem noteSince its inception in fall 2011, New School students and alumni have been trained to teach an abbreviated intenSati workout that combines high-energy, easy-to-follow movement with spoken affirmations and fun music. The leaders go into middle and high school gym classes and after school programs across New York City to lead an exhilarating intenSati workout, provide a healthy snack and facilitate discussion exploring strategies for loving your body and your life, often despite very challenging circumstance (school shutdowns, long commutes, poor access to healthful food).

HC2.0 defines education and health broadly, focusing on learning about fitness and food as an avenue to develop young people’s reflective and decision-making capabilities, and to cultivate a strong sense of self. Teaching young people about the systemic factors that have helped create the interconnected poverty and obesity epidemics globally, HC2.0 equips children with the tools to make informed decisions to shift not only their personal health and habits, but also the societal structures which limit people’s ability to make such choices today.


All HC2.0 sessions include an intenSati session, with the intention that young people experience exercise as a positive opportunity to practice feeling and being better in their bodies and their lives… RIGHT NOW!

Sati Life authorized a specialized HC2.0 intenSati training program, and offers generous scholarship opportunities to HC2.0 leaders to further their education through SatiLife’s other offerings. Patricia Moreno has generously donated her time as the featured presenter at all of HealthClass2.0's fundraisers, drawing over 200 HC2.0 supporters to do intenSati on the flight deck of the USS Intrepid in March 2012!



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